Monthly Sound Bath Meditation

Wednesday 11th December

Looking for a new way to relax? Why not join us for a relaxing sound meditation with Samantha Britton from Sirenity – Sound for the Soul 7.30 – 9.30pm £10.00

Within the Sound Bath she will use gongs, singing bowls, flute, hand pan, rain stick, rattles, shamanic drum and other percussions to create primordial sounds and vibrations.

You will experience powerful harmonic frequencies and transforming sensations which induce a deeply relaxing and tranquil meditative state. Released from the limitations of the physical body and mind within this state of stillness you may experience a strong sense of inner peace, wellbeing and calm or have insights from the time and space for self-reflection. Other benefits reported from Samantha’s Sound Baths; A sense of wellbeing and allows your body to heal itself, reduce stress, deeper sleep, relieves tension, lifts mood and helps anxiety.

Please wear comfortable and cosy clothes, bring a blanket and a recliner/sun lounger for more comfort ( I have 3 to share)

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