Tarot Workshop

Easy Learn Tarot - 3 Part Workshop

17th September 10-1.30 – Saturday 15th October 10-1.30

12th November 10-1.30

Day 1 – Understanding how tarot works, dos & don’ts for Tarot, Working responsibly and ethically with tarot cards  Tarot key words for all major cards including astrology link plus a practical session for you to practice with the major cards

Home work – read up on the fools journey (sent via file link on sign up)

Week 2 – Recap from week 1, Key words for each suit, 1-10 numerology in the Tarot, Easy ways to work with the court cards. Practical session with all the cards and different and spreads

Home work- Research the celtic cross and astrological houses (sent via file link on sign up)

Week 3 – Practical session learning the celtic cross, how to create your own tarot spreads

To book contact https://www.thespirituallifegroup.com/events/kate-may-wisdom-of-the-tarot/

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